Dead Secret review – they’ll die to keep it a secret

Dead Secret

Dead Secret – Overview

Where to begin with Dead Secret. At its core is a murder mystery, that has you solving puzzles and finding documents to figure out what happened and who did it. In this regard, it succeeds. It’s a neat story with clever writing and some light but fun puzzles.

Where it doesn’t succeed, however, is in the gameplay. However, does its shortcomings outweigh the good? It’s a tough choice, and this game is another example of why we should have a Neutral/Indifferent option instead of just Recommended or Not Recommended. Continue reading “Dead Secret review – they’ll die to keep it a secret”

Roots of Insanity review – Insane in the membrane

Roots of Insanity

Roots of Insanity – Overview

Roots of Insanity is a psychological and fairly gory horror game that throws you into a hospital, and you have to explore and find your way out.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, right?

As horror games in hospitals go, [i]Roots of Insanity[/i] isn’t terrible. It’s fairly generic, the story had one interesting twist, and there are plenty of jump scares if that’s your thing, but it has average looks, average sound and is pretty much an average game all around.

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‘Narcosis’ – Swimming with the fishies


Narcosis – Overview

Narcosis manages to do what lots of games can’t, and that is make underwater segments fun. Many games, when they throw you underwater, it just isn’t fun. Most notably, for me, World of Warcraft. Vashj’ir was a terrible, terrible zone, the worst one in the game. But I digress.

Walking around the disturbing, dark and scary depths in Narcosis is fun. For the most part, you could argue the game is a walking simulator, as you’re slowly making your way from location to location, collecting items and figuring out a story, only with the occasional bout of combat against a couple of fish.

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‘The Norwood Suite’ review – surreal adventure that’ll leave you wanting more

The Norwood Suite

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The Norwood Suite is a hard game to describe. It’s weird, strange, interesting, odd, confusing, quirky.

It’s also damned fun. A rather short experience at just over 2.5 hours (longer if it takes you more time to figure out some of the puzzles), but in that 150 minute timespan, you’re treated to an interesting story with a really weird but intriguing cast of characters, great level design, and fantastic music.

You play as a guest arriving at The Norwood, a weird hotel that’s known for being the home of a musician, Peter Norwood, way back. The man was as eccentric as the people you encounter and need to help out. A group of musicians working on new material, an employee who loves Blue Moose, front desk clerks who are coy about things in the hotel, and many more.

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‘The Occupant’ review

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The Occupant is a first-person horror game, with lo-fi graphics and presented in a found footage format.

The Occupant is also a terrible game.

The game is broken up into twenty rounds, which has you working on various goals. The very first goal is to pick up three items, and throw those three items, then make your way to the elevator to exit the level. Goals, in theory, become harder as you progress, but there’s never really a time when the game presents a challenge.

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‘Caligo’ review

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Caligo is a short, first-person exploration game. Sure, you can call it a walking simulator if you like. You have a fairly slow-paced walk, no run, and a crouch that I don’t believe I used even once. You explore various environments, while listening to a story being told: starting off in a lighthouse, you work through your way through a gorgeous forest, to a shipwreck, to a couple of more locations, all while trying to figure out why you’re here and how you got there.

The extent of your interaction with the world is to pick up drawings you find scattered throughout the various areas. There are twenty in total, and collecting all of them earns you an achievement, but that’s about it. Otherwise, you walk around and explore. If it were an ugly game, this would be an issue, but Caligo is presented nice and darkly, with lots of creepy decor mixed in with happy and fun decor.

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Observer review


Bloober Team has followed up their hit Layers of Fear with another hit, this time in the fantastically made, cyberpunk horror adventure Observer.

You are Daniel Lazarski, an observer for the Chiron corporation. An observer is one who can jack into people’s implants and experience what happen through them. You get information on your son, Adam, who has gone missing, and you head to an apartment building where he was last heard from. After your arrival, a lockdown suddenly occurs, which locks the entire building down. The vast majority of the game takes place in this apartment building, but rest assured you are not limited to just the apartment in your exploration.  Continue reading “Observer review”