Night Trap review – yes, it’s still worth playing

Night Trap

Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition – Overview

Oh man, Night Trap. I remember playing this back in 1992 on my Sega CD, which, considering my age at the time, probably wasn’t the best idea. I also remember many other FMV games of the time: Who Shot Johnny Rock, Mad Dog McCree, Crime Patrol, Double Switch, Sewer Shark, Fahrenheit 911, Tomcat Alley… the list goes on.

Night Trap is clearly the most memorable bunch, as it pretty forced what we know as the ESRB into existence, thanks to Sen. Joseph Liebermand helicopter parents who complained about its “gratuitous sex and violence”, two things which Night Trap doesn’t have.

And here we are in, 2018 (I realize it came out last year, I just got to reviewing it now), and Night Trap is an insanely tame game by today’s standards. Is it still worth playing? Yes.

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