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Several years back, I wrote several game reviews for TouchArcade, a website that focuses on mobile games for iOS (slight coverage of Android, but primarily Apple and iOS).

As I eventually determined that mobile games were excruciatingly boring and pointless to me, I wound up stopping my contributions to TouchArcade, and mobile gaming in general.

However, as part of maintaining a portfolio of sorts, I’ll be adding my reviews and linking to them here. As there are several, I’m not going to do a post for each, but just link to them all.

If you want to read all my reviews, continue on over to the Reviews section, or you can head over to my author page on TouchArcade. Or, see the post above this one for a handy list of all of them.

Many screenshots added!

Finally got around to working on some website stuff, mainly adding about 110 screenshots from various games I’ve played. I like to take screenshots, upload them to Steam, then upload the uncompressed file here, and I generally do this for every game I play, unless the game is absolute trash.

In addition, I finished off The Norwood Suite tonight, with a 100% completion. I don’t often care for achievements but in this case, it was such a good game. Look for a review of it to be posted tomorrow or Saturday.

Opinion piece: not all loot boxes are bad

Overwatch loot boxes

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There’s been a lot of hubbub over loot boxes, ever since Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s beta came out. Are they or are they not gambling? Are they or are they not predatory? Do they belong in any sort of game, or just free to play games? Should AAA titles have them at all? What about AAA titles that are single player only?

And before people assume, no, I am not employed in the games industry. I do not work for any developer, publisher, publication, marketing agency, or any business that operates in video games, or even in the entertainment industry.

These questions, and more, have been raised frequently over the past several weeks.

Why is it as big an issue as it is? Not all loot boxes are bad. While there’s certainly issues pertaining to loot boxes, mainly caused by EA and their complete lack of anything resembling competency, but it’s true: not all loot boxes are bad, and they’re not gambling. You’ll probably disagree with me — you will disagree with me — but it’s true. But let’s go back in time a little bit first.

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