Roots of Insanity review – Insane in the membrane

Roots of Insanity – Overview

Roots of Insanity is a psychological and fairly gory horror game that throws you into a hospital, and you have to explore and find your way out.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, right?

As horror games in hospitals go, [i]Roots of Insanity[/i] isn’t terrible. It’s fairly generic, the story had one interesting twist, and there are plenty of jump scares if that’s your thing, but it has average looks, average sound and is pretty much an average game all around.

You’ll make your way through various parts of the hospital, which all tend to look alike. Operating theatre to bathroom to hallway to reception, until you eventually make your way outside for a short stint, which looks nice compared to the rest of the game. This, however, could also be because it’s just different than the typical industrial hospital style corridors.

You have some minor objectives, like finding a funnel and gas can so that you can refill a generator to turn on the lights, but the game doesn’t get much more in-depth than that.

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Graphically, it’s passable. It looks alright, but it’s nothing special. Zombie models are basic and limited, textures and locations repeat. Sound design is also passable. The main character is surprisingly well voiced, and everyone else isn’t. Zombies make generic moans that sound like they were either lifted from another game, or bought. Atmospheric sound effects are quite well done, especially when combined with the jump scares. Music is the standout, and comes in and out at the right time and really adds to the overall feel of the game.

Gameplay consists of finding your way around, picking up notes, fighting off enemies, and getting to the end. That’s about it. There’s just not much to the game, and it’ll take you less than two hours from start to finish. It’s definitely weird, gory, and worth a play through.


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Note for achievement hunters: if you like achievements, they’re broken in this beyond the first two. The dev seems to have acknowledged this in the forums many months ago, but has been absolutely quiet about it, and as it’s a one-off game, you shouldn’t expect this to ever be corrected. Keep this in mind if buying this game, or the developer’s future games.


  • Decent experience for the investment
  • Creepy locations and set pieces
  • Interesting twist I didn’t expect, and I usually pick up on these kinds of stories
  • Music and some voice acting is good


  • Very short, easily completed in a sitting
  • Questionable hit detection and fighting
  • Overly generic
  • Achievements are broken beyond the first two, and are unlikely to be fixed


Overall, I recommend [i]Roots of Insanity[/i], as it’s a decent and quick horror experience if you’re looking for a quick fix. It’s nothing special, and it’ll be forgotten as time goes on, but as it’s frequently cheap and occasionally in a bundle, there’s little reason not to give it a quick play through.

Recommend/Not Recommend: Recommended

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