‘Until None Remain’ – you need people to eventually have none

Until None Remain – Overview

Until None Remain is yet another entry in the battle royale series. As it stands, it appears to be a low effort take with little redeeming quality.

The game has potential. It looks nice, it has lots of weapons and items, and the animation and movement seem smooth, but the game just isn’t there. It’s essentially completely unknown, and the developer has been tossing keys out to pretty much everybody. In the grand scheme of things, I’m a nobody, and even I received a key from the developer.

The biggest thing going for it, in my opinion, is that it’s sci-fi. There are lots of battle royale games out there, but I can’t recall any that are really sci-fi.

I received a key about two weeks before Christmas. Since then, I’ve tried playing it many times, on different days (including weekends), at different times of the day, and I’ve only ever encountered one actual human. Every other time has been nothing but bots, and the bots are beyond stupid. They stand and shoot. They occasionally take cover, but they don’t move. You can often stand right next to them and they don’t shoot or even look at you, it’s like the AI scripting is broken.

The same developer first released this game in October for VR, with a date of leaving early access at the end of 2017. Obviously that’s come and gone. This version is supposed to be out in mid-2018, but who knows. Why did they release a non-VR version when the VR game is at the same stage of development, has zero playerbase, and is already late on release?


  • Looks decent and has future potential


  • No player base
  • No marketing
  • Minimal communication from developer
  • Working on two versions of the same game at the same time, with neither really receiving any work


As it stands, Until None Remain is still an unheard of game in a burgeoning genre. The devs have been tossing keys out like candy, and it’s already been in a bundle, yet still has absolutely no people. Do not buy it, lest you enjoy playing against two bots that have worse programming than the stand and shoot AI from the original Doom.

I will revisit in the future should the game actually have people to play with.

Recommend/Not Recommend: Not Recommended

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